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100 Watcher Raffle! (Winner's Announced!!)

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 12, 2018, 5:20 PM

 100 watcher raffle!! [[Now closed]]


1st place:

20180328 203526 by SparkySparklez


2nd place:

20180328 203620 by SparkySparklez


Congrats to the winners! It's your responsibility to contact the prize donators. 

Thanks to everyone who joined! This was really fun!

Hopefully I can do another raffle in the future!


  1st place:  

-400 :points:

-Full body digital drawing w/ full color/shading

-Digital bust drawing w/ full color/shading

-Chibi from Zahnel
-Oc drawing from BluDeath12
-Fullbody drawing from KurooMidori

 2nd place: 

-200 :points:

-Headshot digital drawing w/full color shade

-Digital Bust drawing w/flat color shade

-Free adoptable (from AwkwardMarshmallow9)
-Chibi from Zahnel

-Adoptable from BluDeath12

I'll choose the winners from a random number generator

Thanks so much to all participants and all my watchers!

Good luck!


Guys! join this awesome core giveaway!
<da:thumb id="710627489"/>
hey guys, 

so i know this is kinda sudden but im probably going to be very inactive for a while. Yesterday i came home from a rare good day of school all exited to see my dog, Amie. only to find out that she was gone. i freaked out. i've had her for almost 7 years and she's been a part of every single thing in my life, i don't do hardly anything without her. She runs around like a goof and plays when i get home (which is the most adorable thing ever) She always comes running whenever i call her name, whenever im on the computer she insists on cuddling me on my lap. On weekends and days off of school, she's my sleep-in-all-day-cuddle-buddy.  she always sleeps in my bed at night and even though she's tiny she always kicks me out of bed XD. whenever the nights are cold we'll snuggle up all close together. When i wake up in the middle of the night to go get a drink or something, ill come back to my room to find her sitting on my pillow waiting for me. whenever we're watching netflix she wants attention, she'll come over and sit on my face, or just get right in my way so i cant see my tablet screen. She's been my best friend for as long as i can remember.

When i got home and called my mom to ask where she was, all my mom said was "she's on a play date with Josh!". My family's been talking about moving lately and how we may not be able to take fer with us, and that she has a friend, named Josh, who owns a house with a big backyard and another dog just like her. i asked "when she's coming home?" and all my mom did was avoid the question. she continued to do this all day even after she got home from work. I had a feeling i knew that she wasnt coming home and i kept crying all day long. finally, as we were going to bed i overheard my brother and my mom talking and she had confirmed that she's not coming home. Amie's gone. 

I completely lost it. it felt as if someone had stabbed me a million times and wouldnt stop. I was crying hysterically for hours and i didnt get any sleep. no matter how many times i sat up and looked around my bed, she wasn't there. no matter how many times i said her name, she wasn't there. i sat up all night looking at pictures and videos of her and couldnt stop hurting. 

I know that she isnt like dead or anything and ill "supposedly" be able to visit her, but it probably hurts worse knowing that she's with someone else, and i just cant have her. none of the stuff we used to do wont happen anymore, she's gone and i really dont know what to do . 

So for those reasons, im probably going to be inactive for a while. i dont feel like doing anything, i dont have the familiar urge to draw or create something, i dont want to play my violin anymore, i dont want to go to school, i dont care about my grades anymore. 

so sorry for dissapointing anybody. and those who asked for commissions or ych, ill get them done, just probably not for a while. sorry.

but you know maybe im wrong, maybe ill actually be very active just to keep myself busy. but i thought i'd just let you guys know. 

Commissions + prices:

Traditional bust sketch: 50 :points:

Pencil Roan by SparkySparklez Kukurumi 2 ~ Commission by SparkySparklez

Digital Head shot sketch: 70 :points:

Kukurumi ~ Commission by SparkySparklez

with flat color: +30 :points:

Sage~ by SparkySparklez

Digital bust sketch: 100 :points:

Character Sketch by SparkySparklez

with flat color : +50 :points:

Dylynn ~ by SparkySparklez

Digital bust full color/shading: 200 :points:

Ignis - Commission by SparkySparklez Don't cry by SparkySparklez

Digital Half body sketch: 250 :points:
Roxanna - Commission by SparkySparklez

with flat color: +50 :points:
Vee [wip 3] by SparkySparklez

Digital half body full color/shading: 400 :points:

Ata ~ Commission by SparkySparklez Vee~ by SparkySparklez

Digital fullbody sketch: 300 :points:
Df Ice Skate (wip) by SparkySparklez

With Flat color: +75 :points:

Please include a reference for the character
Humanoids only please!
I would like payment first 

Thanks! ^ ^

Here's some of my open adopts over on my other account AwkwardMarshmallow9

Kiru adopt 4 Auction [closed] by AwkwardMarshmallow9
Feral cat adopts [open] by AwkwardMarshmallow9
spiritFire Dragon adopt 4 by AwkwardMarshmallow9

And there are also a couple others that are open so please go check out that account!

Thanks guys! :3
Doing some mlp commisions now yay!

Headshot 50 :points:

Full body 150 :points:

Tell me if you want digital or traditional

All will be colored and shaded


Nillie and a Butterfly by SparkySparklez New oc by SparkySparklez

Currently working on commissions for:




I would like payment first.
And Ill try to get commissions done as soon as possible.

Please supply a reference to your character

Hey guys,
    so my family is going through some really tough times right now, financially. My mom is having a baby soon and her low-paying job is our family's only source of income. So im trying to earn some money to help out. Also since im going to be graduating in a couple of years that also means that ive got to save up money so that i can go to college. So if anyone wants to help out, i would really appreciate it if you could donate. Also i have another account that does adoptables ,AwkwardMarshmallow9 , so if you could check it out and possible buy an adoptable that would be great. 
    I know, this sounds like im making it seem like i need a lot of help and just trying to get money, but this is completely optional and if you dont want to donate, that's completely fine. I understand.

Anyways enough with the sad, boring talk. This accounts almost has 50 watchers!! (49 to be exact) WHAT!? I know it doesnt seem so much compared to people with like 700 watchers, but to me its a LOT! And i want to thanks everyone who has given me support and love. Its amazing to think how far ive come. When i hit 50 watcher, i wanna do something special. So if you have any ideas, please let me know. 

Also i would really love to talk to you guys more often. I know im quiet and dont talk too much with people on DA but im really trying to open up more and be myself. So feel free to talk to me more! ^ ^

One more thing. School is almost out so ill have a lot more time to upload and be more active. So if there is something you want me to do, dont be afraid to ask. 

Thanks guys!! ^ ^



1. When were you born?

Well, till a little while ago I thought it was 14 years ago, but apparently I was born thousands of years ago. I dunno ask zipplebit to do the math

2. What's your favorite color?


3. What's your favorite food?

I dunno ,cake?

4. Do you have a gf/bf?

(That's a secret)

5. What's your favorite thing to do?

Hiding behind zipplebit as she insults people to tears. :)

6. How fast can you run?

Not very fast, but I can almost fly as fast as Rainbow Dash!


:,[   please don't yell at me. . . . *runs away*

8. How smart are you?

Well I did pass my classes with a 3.9 GPA, so I guess I'm kinda smart, I dunno.

9: Do you have bro/sis?

Well Rainbow Dash is my adopted sister

10. LAST QUESTION What's your belonging

 . . . Something I've already lost . . . *cries in a corner*

I'm having one of those moments when I really really REALLY want to draw but have zero inspiration and have no idea of what to draw!!!!!! So anyone have any ideas?
Hey guys!
So lately I've been really inactive on deviantart . . . Sorry! But im going to start uploading drawings everyday or every other day. Ive also started doing the 30 day drawing challenge . . So .. ya. AND I've found out a way to uploads drawings in pencil instead of being forced to use a crappy app. Thanks for all your support! And I know my art isnt very good but thanks for all the faves!
Bye! :)
Hey guys!
My bff, zipplebit, just joined deviant art! If u saw my zipplebit drawing and my bff selfie ( which u prob have. . . Duh) thats her you should go check her out!!!
Her name is MLP-zipplebit
Thanks guys!